Rod Rosenstein Launches New DOJ Hate Crimes Website

Why hasn’t Rosenstein been fired?

This is, like, the easiest call. What is he still doing around two years later?

“In the heels of a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left 11 people dead, the Justice Department on Monday announced it will launch a website for law enforcement and the public to report hate crimes.

“Simply because hate crimes are not reported does not mean they are not happening,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said announcing the website at a gathering of law enforcement officials.

Roughly 88 percent of law enforcement agencies that provide hate crime data to the FBI, reported zero hate crimes in 2016, raising questions about the accuracy of that data. Mr. Rosenstein said the new website will help the Justice Department and other agencies become more proactive in targeting hate crimes.

“We also need to understand the barrier that law enforcement officers and agencies face in reporting hate crimes to the FBI,” Mr. Rosenstein said. “Together, we can discover ways to improve the reporting of hate crimes so that we can effectively target our resources to the places they are needed.” …”


88 percent of law enforcement agencies are reporting ZERO hate crimes. So Rosenstein is setting a new website so that Antifa can flood DOJ with reports of bogus hate crimes.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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