Speak Now or…..

“Speak now or… forever hold thy peace”

The optics of an open, full scale Walking Dead migrant invasion, marching behind Honduran flags to invade the United States of America – well this is a lot easier to present to regular Red State Americans than say unraveling all the plots and intrigues of The Federal Reserve, Trilateralists or even the J Media Mafia/Social Media monopolists.


OK, now what is to be done?

My recommendation is to just do solid activism at the National, State and Local area in your circle of contacts. Somewhere in your local area there is some tough White guy who’s ready to step up – a man like tough Queens NY White guy Donald Trump, a Guy like tough Italian NY guy Rudy Giuliani, NYPD chiefs Bratton and Kelly – or Philly’s greatest Frank Rizzo. Sherif Joe A is still going strong – but there are new, younger tough guys where you live and work ready to jump all over this Walking Dead invasion.

I have had excellent success contacting young congressional staff members – do the research ask for specific young assistants BY NAME – this impresses the folks handling the calls, shows you are intelligent not just some regular dumb as*.

Here’s another idea – contact military leaders in local military camps like Fort Campbell KY. Their job is

National Defense

So now’s the time to Defend the nation – what they doing with their time – having homo sex?

Feel free to demagogue this issue, shame them.

How about some sit ins on private golf courses like Augusta National – use the theme

“Golfing while Rome (America) burns.”

Or Contact Red State leaders like the Governor’s office demand they burn the Mexican Consulate in their state to the grow. Burn it.

If anyone needs help identifying specific Congressional Staff members or other contacts PM me at:


Source: Occidental Dissent

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