Hurricane Michael Relief Effort

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We’re loading up here in Montgomery.

I’m about to travel to Panama City for a few days. The League of the South has been assisting with the relief effort in Bay County since Hurricane Michael ravaged the area. We’re bringing bottled water, gasoline, toilet tissue, pillows, blankets, shampoo and a bunch of other items.

I went down there to meet with the Florida Panhandle chapter in July. I’m from Lower Alabama and have always loved the Panama City area. I spent many summers there growing up. I’ve always thought of Southeast Alabama, Southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle as home.

The damage from Panama City, FL through Albany, GA is much worse than is being reported. While the news cycle has moved on to jokes about Elizabeth Warren’s Indian ancestry, we are hearing that there are still people trapped in the rubble of their homes in Panama City. A friend of ours in the League has already found and rescued one woman and her child whose roof had collapsed on them.

I doubt that I will have cell phone or internet service until I get back to Alabama. If you would like to assist with the relief effort, contact Dr. Michael Hill at <>

Source: Occidental Dissent

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