Feminism Tanking Ratings Everywhere

Life’s a bitch, fortunately we didn’t elect one President of the United States.

Unfortunately all kinds of bitter, angry hateful feminist bitches are now running wild across America!

Has anyone ever known a happy feminist? Not me.

Not only are these bitter, angry feminists infesting our political system, they’re grabbing all kinds of leadership roles in the US Media, and rating are tanking everywhere!

Once successful men’s magazines like GQ, Esquire and Playboy now push nonstop bad social justice warrior/feminist politics. Esquire and Glamour magazine made gets this:

Hillary Clinton and German Chancellor Angela Merkel their choice for sexiest women of the year! (Link)

Take a look at some of these positive, sexy but not slutty Esquire Magazine covers from the 1950s – these were big sellers. Not anymore.

Playboy Magazine sales and subscriptions have tanked, Playboy only gets published 4 times a year.

“Though it was famous for the pornography, Playboy also offered ideas, interviews, and opinions that were at the very least thought-provoking to a large number of heterosexual men. All of that is gone now.

A perfect example of the new Playboy was its “Freedom Issue,” published right before the 2016 election. The writers featured included TV host Chelsea Handler discussing abortion, Patton Oswalt on “the freedom to make mistakes,” Wiz Khalifa on police brutality and marijuana legalization, and Killer Mike on minority voting. Adding to this lineup of intellectual lightweights was a conservative who wrote about how Republicans should be listening to Paul Ryan, obviously someone who had his finger on the pulse of America.”

Ryan Girdusky The American Conservative Magazine • September 18, 2018

The Miss America beauty pageant was once extremely popular – even had a Miss America magazine without bad Lib Lefty politics

But that was before the bitter feminist (former Miss America) Gretchen Carlson took over the pageant, banned the swimsuit contest and bullied anyone and everyone including last year’s Miss America who objected to her hard core Social Justice Warrior, Feminist program. How did Msssssssssssssss Carlson’s new Social Justice Warrioress Ms America contest do in the ratings?

Worst ratings in the history of the Miss America pageant.

Woke Miss America delivers all times rating low (Link)

And of course the new social justice warrior Miss America had to make a Black women from New York City the winner – typical.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing some practical advice for our young men on how to deal with these women, dating tips but also, just how to survive and not go crazy when you are forced to deal with these creatures.

And here are some photos from a different, time and place when Miss America was something good, and it was ours.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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