Gang Raping Judge Kavanaugh

America’s political system has devolved into incivility and farce, with the most farcical voices being those clueless fools begging for a return to civility. It’s anthropologically axiomatic that you cannot maintain a democratic system while also hosting a very diverse society lacking shared affinity, heritage, and values. The state will be reduced to a weapon the competing identities must fight for their lives to seize for themselves or it will surely be used against themselves.

Beyond the fog of duplicity, double speak, dog whistling, and denial lies an ethnogenetic process in its earlier stages, with a Brazilian-style Cosmic America forming on the coasts and in small enclaves while a White America is struggling to awaken to the fact that the link between its nation and state is already broken. Talk of civil war seems hyperbolic at this point, but there’s every reason to believe that the alienation and escalation between the red and blue states will meet or exceed that which occurred once before between the blue and the gray states.

Kavanaugh has described the cascade of women being paid handsomely to fabricate nonsensical juvenile sexual assault charges as “ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone.” But is it really so ridiculous for the Democrats to be throwing the kitchen sink at this man? After all, absolutely all of their major advances in the past few decades have been through legislating from the bench abortion, unlimited anchor babies, Affirmative Action, gay marriage, and much more. With the promised “blue wave” coming in the midterms, all the DNC needs to do is delay the nomination a few months to rely on their congressional majority to obstruct appointing any justice until they can get Trump out of office.

It seems confusing at first that Lindsey Graham has come out swinging against these accusers, but one must bear in mind that while Graham is not a reliable conservative or Trumpist, he is a faithful party hack. A failure to nominate a justice before the clock strikes midnight will further dishearten the party’s base, a base which has been falling back on the Supreme Court copout as the last resort argument for why one must vote Republican in lieu of their disinterest in doing anything else their constituency asks of them.

The GOP can’t afford to screw this up, and they could easily prevail by lambasting these malicious eleventh hour unfalsifiable claims. Instead, dogged by fears of enraging the #MeToo movement, of appearing insensitive to sexual assault victims, and of being viciously attacked and subjected to similar destruction campaigns by the rabidly partisan press, they lend credibility to the charges and mumble about “hearing their voices” and reviewing their claims.

By rallying the inattentive moderates to see this for the hysterical hack job it is, they could steamroll through the nomination process. Instead, they do what conservatives always do, which is compromise and concede their way to failure and retreat. They’re speaking and behaving as if the charges could and should be taken seriously, doing the institutional left’s own work of legitimizing this racket for them.

I’m not shocked by the absurdity of the charges, and we would do best to stop whining about the decline in civility and integrity in the political process. As America grows more diverse and “Americans” grow more dissociated, this is only going to get uglier. Those men and women, like Brett Kavanaugh, who perceive themselves as noble “civil servants” who can transcend partisan bickering will be the first casualties as the polarization process continues.

Uplifting speeches about unity and shit will be dispensed with clockwork regularity by both sides as this failed experiment circles the drain.

The good news is that we’re only a couple years away from reaching a point where people just tune out every claim raised by the other side. The “moderates” are the moral hazards here, as they’re the only ones who are seriously considering whether or not Kavanaugh may perhaps secretly be a depraved serial gang rapist. The leftist operative authors of this tragicomedy certainly don’t believe it for a second, but they’re playing to win. Moderates are a dying breed, fortunately. In a short time, being publicly accused of being a serial gang rapist by the liberal media will be as yawn-inspiring for everybody as being accused of being an infidel by an Islamic cleric. Your friends and family–including the female ones–will be proud of you for having provoked their ire.

While Brett’s nomination remains on a knife’s edge and may well go through, we nationalists would do well to no longer pin our hopes on the Supreme Court restoring our freedom of (and from) association, rejecting the anchor baby loophole, and calling off industrialized infanticide. All they could possibly achieve, at their very best, is delaying and cushioning a decline that can only be reversed through a radical sociocultural groundswell that uproots this political order rather than merely influencing and subverting it.

The American political system was constructed with a series of baffles and bulkheads to protect the system from temporary surges and sloshes. It cannot and will not actually provide lasting protection against the fact that the founding stock are being replaced and will soon comprise a minority of the electorate. With our decline will go the decline in what we value, including our tradition of “blind justice,” of “innocent until proven guilty,” and “not gang raping women.”

Instead of having an imaginary conversation about imaginary preppy White kids systematically gang raping women, we would do well to examine the data and be honest about where and why gang rape is actually still happening in America. Let’s impose a travel ban on the countries importing people from places where it’s commonplace. Perhaps if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, he can help uphold the constitutionality of Trump’s travel bans, thereby preventing at least as many gang rapes as he’s been accused of perpetrating.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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