The GOP Stupid Party in Oklahoma: Rep. Tom Cole

American political and cultural life isn’t complicated. We at OD don’t push weird conspiracy theory nonsense. The Disunited States of America’s elites are dominated by racial, ethnic and sexual groups that hate us. The Jewish and Homosexual media mafias dominate this elite but there are legions of straight, White Anglo types who simply refuse to take our side because they are traitors or worse….

Just plain stupid.

Two parties in the USA

The Democrat Party – the evil party
The Republican Party – the stupid party

Many times both parties get together to do something really evil and really stupid – it’s called “bi partisanship”.

This evil and stupid bi partisanship includes spending $ trillions to defend the North/South Korean border to protect one group of Koreans from another group of Koreans, but not defending our US Southern border allowing tens of millions of diseased, criminal Orcs to invade and destroy our country.

How evil and stupid is that?

This week Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole said something really stupid, saying Congress shouldn’t build the wall and defend our Southern border because…

“We haven’t given up the fight. But if it keeps us from doing other things that are pretty important, like defending the country, then I think it’s a fight not worth having right now,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.), a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. “Let’s get these critical day-to-day functions of the government done, and the American people will be expressing an opinion in the election. We’ll see where we’re at when we come back.”

Somehow this dumb as* Okie can’t rap his mind around the simple fact that “defending the country” means defending our borders, defending our nation and our people from a mass invasion.

Now, we all must do the simple, necessary task of “outing” Rep. Cole and letting his congressional staff members and his supporter know just how stupid his border security national defense comments were.

I spoke to one of his staff members today and had a very productive talk – I didn’t rant and rave, instead started a dialogue and presented my own personal experiences with the illegal alien invasion, Islamic terrorists in New York City etc.

Please make your own calls and ask for specific staff members. Be polite, keep it short, start a back and forth dialogue. Has anyone else noticed that we have successfully pressured Sen. Rand Paul to stop making stupid, treasonous comments about immigration, BlackLiesMatter etc?

Here’s the contact information for Rep. Cole – I want all our readers to make at least one call and pass this information across your social media:

Phone: (202) 225-6165

Staff Members:
Chief of Staff: Joshua Grogis
Scheduler: Sabrina Parker
Dep. Chief of Staff: Maria Bowie
Legis. Dir.: Vacant
Comm. Dir.: Teresa Davis
Veteran Affairs LA: Maria Bowie
Military LA: Maria Bowie
Child/Family Issues LA: Carter Cloud
Health LA: Matt Diller
Financial Services LA: Matt Diller
Foreign Policy LA: Maria Bowie
Education LA: Joshua Jackson
Agriculture LA: Joshua Jackson
Telecomm LA: Carter Cloud
Elections LA: Carter Cloud
Energy LA: Joshua Jackson
Environment LA: Joshua Jackson
Firearms LA: Joshua Jackson
Judiciary LA: Joshua Jackson
Tax LA: Matt Diller
Transportation LA: Matt Diller
Trade LA: Matt Diller
Commerce LA: Matt Diller
Labor LA: Joshua Jackson
Budget LA: Matt Diller
Arts/Humanities LA: Joshua Jackson
Civil Rights LA: Joshua Jackson
Government Affairs LA: Maria Bowie
Housing LA: Carter Cloud
Medicare/Medicaid LA: Matt Diller
Appropriations LA: Maria Bowie
Science/Technology LA: Carter Cloud
Social Security LA: Matt Diller
Space – NASA LA: Carter Cloud
Pensions LA: Joshua Jackson
Women’s Issues LA: Joshua Jackson
Native American Affairs LA: Joshua Jackson
Immigration LA: Joshua Jackson
Homeland Security LA: Maria Bowie
Staff Asst.: Drew Roberts
Legis. Asst.: Carter Cloud
Dist. Scheduler: Katie Ringer
Legis. Asst.: Joshua Jackson
Sr. Exec. Advisor: Matt Diller
Animal Welfare LA: Carter Cloud
Dist. Director: Jeff Peters
Washington Office Information:
Room: 2467 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Source: Occidental Dissent

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