Pope Cuckold Warns Europeans About Harboring Anti-Semitic Beliefs

If you read history you would know that there have always been claims that the current Catholic Pope would be the last.

Obviously these predictions have been proven false, but at this point?

More and more I’m finding myself wondering if we’re witnessing the death of Catholicism – at least among actual White humans.


Pope Francis warned against historic revisionism and any rebirth of anti-Semitism that fueled the Holocaust as he marked the annual remembrance Sunday for Lithuania’s centuries-old Jewish community that was nearly wiped out during World War II.

Time for a history lesson, Goyim.

After the Soviet occupation of Lithuania in 1940, security forces like the NKVD (with rosters that read like synagogue membership lists) abused the population (with aid from local Jewish populations) to such an extent that when news of a German invasion broke, an uprising occurred instantaneously.

The Lithuanian people rose with such a righteous fury that it eventually came down to the Wehrmacht and SS to stop the sight of Jews hanging off lampposts – they just wanted to concentrate them in proper labor camps, and were not thrilled by random extermination efforts.

Not very smart to insult the Lithuanians with this tripe.

Francis began his second day in the Baltics in Lithuania’s second city, Kaunas, where an estimated 3,000 Jews survived out of a community of 37,000 during the 1941-1944 Nazi occupation. He ended it back in the capital, Vilnius, to pay his respects to Lithuanians who were deported to Siberian gulags or were tortured and killed at home during five decades of Soviet occupation.

Francis honored freedom fighters at the former KGB headquarters where anti-Soviet partisans were detained and executed, solemnly touring the underground chambers that have now been turned into a haunting museum of occupation atrocities.

But to begin things with groveling towards those responsible for many of these atrocities?

I’m at a loss.

“In this place of remembrance, Lord, we pray that your cry may keep us alert,” he said afterward. “That your cry, Lord, may free us from the spiritual sickness that remains a constant temptation for us as a people: forgetfulness of the experiences and sufferings of those who have gone before us.”

I say this about some Protestant sects, and I’ll say the same about Catholics – there is no spiritual sickness worse than defending (or even worshiping) the descendants of those who murdered Jesus Christ.

Francis paid equal tribute to victims of both Nazi and Soviet atrocities on the 75th anniversary of the final destruction of the ghetto in Vilnius, which had been known for centuries as the “Jerusalem of the North” for its importance to Jewish thought and politics. Each year, the Sept. 23 anniversary is commemorated with readings of the names of Jews who were killed by Nazis or Lithuanian partisans or were deported to concentration camps.

Did you know there’s an old Baltic folk tale (I believe it’s Lithuanian in origin) that claims that local Jews sprang directly from a cave connecting mortal Earth to hell itself?

Francis prayed silently in the former ghetto and warned against the temptation “that can dwell in every human heart” to want to be superior or dominant to others again.

He prayed for the gift of discernment “to detect in time any new seeds of that pernicious attitude, any whiff of it that can taint the heart of generations that did not experience those times and can sometimes be taken in by such siren songs.”

Lord, give us strength to counter the siren song of tolerance and universal love.

Let us understand that such beautiful concepts cannot occur in a world inhabited and overrun with wild humanoid beasts lacking all but the most rudimentary sentience.

And please, Lord, harden our hearts towards the Jew and all the rot and materialistic evil that he represents.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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