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I’m a tennis player – in my mid 50s. I’m playing the best tennis of my life. It’s a great sport and still very European, European American. The non Europeans/non European Americans who excel at this sport tend to be a better class of people then those in say American football, basketball, the Hollywood celebrity world.

That said, there are some exceptions like the New Zealand ghetto punk Nick Kyrgios who has mental lapses and mental breakdowns at many important tennis matches.

Black American tennis champion came out of a 1 year motherhood (mixed race child) retirement to make an excellent run at winning the US Open. She made it to the finals where she was decisively beaten by a much younger and just better Black/Japanese Hawaiian opponent Naomi Osaka. Serena’s coach was caught cheating/coaching in the stands and Serena was given a warning and then had points deducted when she through a violent temper tantrum and accused the chair empire and the entire tennis world of being mean, racist, sexist for picking on her accusing her of cheating which she supposedly never did.

Well, it was her coach that was cheating, but it was Serena that did the mental meltdown temper tantrum.

An Australian cartoonist who gets published in Murdoch newspapers created this excellent cartoon of Serena doing her temper tantrum with the chair umpire representing the PC media world asking her opponent to simply let Serena win.

We’re presenting this Australian Serena cartoon for “fair comment” as protected under the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.

We’ve worked with the great SA comic artist Farstar to publish hard hitting and very funny cartoons from a dissident Right, identitarian perspective. Our “movement” has always had many talented writers but much less so in areas of art, acting, singing etc.

Good for this one brave Australian cartoonist and yeah, good for Murdoch owned media for having the guts to stand up to the humorless PC thought police.

Let’s all think of some new ways we can market these excellent Farstar cartoons and actually make him/us some $.

Stay strong brothers and sisters and never give up your sense of humor.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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