North Carolina Antifa Whine About Their Mistreatment By Police

According to North Carolina Antifa, the police escalated at the New Confederate Army event this weekend at the Silent Sam pedestal for no reason at all:

“CHAPEL HILL – Silent Sam opponents who were arrested at Saturday’s demonstration at UNC-Chapel Hill released a statement Sunday criticizing the actions of police, who they say “broke the peace” near the base of the Confederate statue.

“When the eight arrests took place, there were no neo-Confederates on campus; they had left at least ten minutes earlier,” said a statement from Defend UNC, an opposition group of the Silent Sam Confederate statue. “Whatever safety risk the police believed themselves to be mitigating had passed. The police themselves were the only threat on McCorkle Place. They were undeniably the ones who broke the peace.”

The statement was signed by Jody Anderson, Jason Athavale, Jayna Fishman, Joseph Baldoni Karlik, Josh Mascharka, Julia Pulawski, Brandon Webb and Christopher Wells. They identified themselves as “the eight anti-racist activists brutally arrested” on Saturday. …”

I sat here and watched Josh Abram Mascharka on the livestreams working himself up into a violent frenzy before he confronted and attacked the police:

Now, he is facing the most charges of anyone arrested in the Silent Sam protests:

This is Josh Abram Mascharka chanting about shooting cops with an AK-47 on the UNC campus:

This is another reporter who caught Josh Abram Mascharka menacing the police:

The “peaceful demonstrators” were telling the cops “your life doesn’t matter”:

The green haired blob attacks a police officer in this clip:

Josh Abram Mascharka aggressively rushing and confronting police officers:

Josh Abram Mascharka is seen here once again aggressively confronting a police officer:

Josh Abram Mascharka is seen here aggressively confronting the police in yet another video:

Jody Anderson is seen here aggressively confronting the police:

In this final clip, Josh Abram Mascharka physically engages with the police:

In 2016, Josh Abram Mascharka was arrested at a violent demonstration in Stone Mountain, GA:

In 2017, Josh Abram Mascharka attended the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, VA. He launches an attack at 1:08 in this video with a pole:

Josh Abram Mascharka is wanted by the Charlottesville Police Department. Even though he has been identified for months now, he still hasn’t been arrested.

Pity the North Carolina Antifa.

They dindu nuffin. It was “police brutality.” Josh Abram Mascharka was arrested for no reason at all. He also just happens to cross state lines to participate in political violence!

Source: Occidental Dissent

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