True Cons: National Review Denounces “Internet Fairness Doctrine”

You knew it was coming … ACKSHUALLY, monopolies should be allowed to censor conservatives on mainstream social media platforms because muh free market principles:

“Another day, another call for government intervention in free speech on the Internet. President Trump recently took to Twitter to decry supposed censorship of conservatives. He suggested that Google and “others” were censoring conservative voices and burying good news about him in search results. Furthermore, he warned that “this is a very serious situation” that will be “addressed” — perhaps with government action.

The genesis of these tweets is an article from PJ Media. The story reports that 96 percent of Google search results for the word “Trump” returned results from left-leaning news sites. Even though the article admits the results are “not scientific,” the story confirmed the biases of many on the right and instantly gained traction. (In fairness, the author of that article has since expressed opposition to any efforts by government to regulate speech online.) …”

I’m surprised it didn’t come sooner.

Undoubtedly, there was some hesitancy at National Review to make this wildly unpopular argument because they had to know the response would be to further ridicule their marginalization.

Note: We need more leaders like Bolsonaro who are willing to throw these pundits out of helicopters.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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