Mollie Tibbetts Killer Tries To Remove All Mentions Of Him Being Called An “Illegal Alien”

Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts was brutally murdered by illegal alien Cristhian Bahena Rivera. However, Rivera’s lawyer Allan Richards wrote a gag order against referring to him as an “illegal alien” because it will make the jurors not like him.

“COMES NOW Allan M. Richards, Attorney at Law, for Cristhian moving for a gag order
stating as follows: 1. The Government is promoting the idea that Cristhian is not present in this jurisdiction legally,” says the document.

“2. That the Government’s position of promotion of this idea will prevent any notion of
the Cristhian’s right to a fair trial. 3. Sad and Sorry Trump has weighed in on this matter in national media which will poison the entire possible pool of jury members,” it says.

“4. Former leader of Iowa?s educational system (The Iowa Board of Regents), Craig Lang
has verified that Cristhian is in this jurisdiction legally. 5. Craig Lang supports Cristhian’s right to be in this jurisdiction, and for the Government to support any other idea of status publicly flies in the face of such statements,” it says.

“6. That Cristhian has a right to due process as to his status, and that the Government knows
Cristhian has legal status. “7. Cristhian has complied with his documented status since arriving in the U.S.A. as a minor. 8. Cristhian dedicated his efforts towards honorable work in the dairy industry, has been trusted in his work with the safety of our very important milk supply to Iowa, the
various states and other nations. 9. Cristhian deserves the Court?s protection as to his characterization before a jury pool. WHEREFORE it is Frayed the Court enter an order preventing the Government from
referring to Cristhian as anything but documented resident,” it says.

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