Update: OD Lawfare Fundraiser

Occidental Dissent won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

We’ve already overshot our fundraising goal. I’m shocked by the result. I was expecting to raise about half of our legal expenses here, but we have already raised $5,851. Thank you!

It is has been a rough year. I assumed that with this site being basically inert from March through July and with half of our audience drifting away that we would struggle to deal with this issue. But I was wrong. I underestimated how many dedicated followers we have who want us to keep going.

After posting that fundraising appeal on August 8th, I figured that I would close down the site, check our P.O. Box and reopen the blog in about a week. I assumed that we would get a few letters because readers wouldn’t respond immediately. It takes several days to mail anything through the Post Office. I checked it on Friday and that P.O Box was slam full of letters from our supporters.

It was the most heartening thing that has happened in a long time. As I read through all of those letters, I realized that we are going to get through this. We’re going to survive all this lawfare, violence, deplatforming and censorship and come out stronger on the other side. I’ve already started writing back to everyone who sent something and my wife will get those responses mailed soon.

In the meantime, the plan here going forward is to become as active as we were in December, January and February before the catastrophe that was March. I read dozens of books while I was taking a break and still have a lot of book reviews to write. I want to do some smarter activism, hold some private meetups around the South and the keep the site constantly updated with news.

One more thing: while the vast majority of the funds we raised came through our P.O. Box, we discovered something interesting that should be of use to other content creators in our community. It turns out that we don’t really need PayPal anymore. You can easily transfer money to anyone in the United States with a simple phone number or email address through lots of new services.

Note: I’ve signed up on Coinbase and plan to start using Bitcoin. The biggest mistake that I made last year was failing to take advantage of the Bitcoin gold rush. It seems more technical and challenging, but one of our readers was a big help and sent me something about how to do it.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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