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Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer are having a Liberty or Death Rally Against Leftwing Violence in Seattle this afternoon with Threepers and the Oathkeepers. There will also be Marches Against Far Left Political Violence in San Jose, CA, Tuscon, AZ, Austin, TX and Boston, MA.

I’m not necessarily opposed to this. I think it is a good thing these Patriot rallies are heating back up. While I have no desire to attend any of these events myself, I still enjoy seeing Antifa show up and get doxed, arrested and the crap beat out of them by the police like we saw in Portland and Berkeley. I’m sure these criminals will also be on the scene to destroy property and engage in violence.

In hindsight, I think we were going about this the wrong way last year. Instead of these volatile big tent publicly announced rallies, we need separate tracks. The Civnats can stay in their lane and continue to hold these publicly announced events. Antifa will take the bait and come and engage in violence which can be shared on social media, FOX News and Republican attack ads in the midterm elections. If something goes wrong at one of these events, it can be blamed on conservatism.

These attacks are most effective when we stay out of the picture. Meanwhile, ethnonationalists can focus on regrouping outside of the spotlight. Instead of publicly announced rallies, we can organize unannounced public events where we just show up and engage with the public WITHOUT having Antifa or Journofa tagging along to dox people, create a siege mentality and engage in violence which can be blamed on us and seized upon as an excuse for lawfare and deplatforming.

The torch march in Charlottesville was spectacular and captured the public imagination. It was supposed to be an unannounced, privately organized event, but it was compromised by poor OpSec. I don’t know if we should return to doing tiki torch marches, but large scale privately organized events where Antifa are cut out of the picture are doable and the way to go. We don’t need plants and unvetted people showing up at our events which are swarming with hostile media anyway.

Note: I know it is a cliché at this point, but the “first they came for” meme has been shown to be very true over the two weeks with Alex Jones and the Proud Boys being deplatformed. Take a look at what Twitter is doing with Joey Gibson’s timeline:

That’s what “potentially sensitive content” looks like to Twitter … a Hapa taking a selfie with his multiracial kids while wearing a Christian hat.

This is a verified account of an “extremism researcher” who works for Media Matters who spends her time denouncing America, the Founding Fathers and White people.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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