Be Afraid: Antifa and Black Lives Matter Are Teaming Up To Fight Police Officers

Tess Owen of Vice thinks we should be very, very afraid: Antifa and Black Lives Matter are teaming up to engage in pointless street violence against police officers:

“When hundreds of black-clad antifa gathered across from the White House to protest a planned white nationalist rally on Sunday, Makia Green sensed that local members of Black Lives Matter might need some reassuring.

Two of the biggest leftist movements of the Trump era were there for the same reason, but they have not always seen eye to eye. So Green, 26, took to a microphone to tell the mostly local Black Lives Matter activists that they shouldn’t be alarmed by the masked protesters who showed up wearing helmets and gas masks.

“I said, ‘These people that are here, I understand why it can be frightening to see them in this manner, with their faces covered’,” Green recalled. “They cover their faces so what they do in our defense does not fall onto their families.” …”

We’re not worried at all about this development:

I’m glad that we agree Antifa are violent:

Long before Unite The Right 2, we had decided there was nothing to be gained from these publicly announced events which devolve into street battles when police operate under stand down orders. We decided to cut Antifa and their Journofa allies out of our future events. The worst thing we can do to Antifa is let them expose themselves as a mob of violent criminals.

There isn’t going to be anymore of these events where Antifa and Black Lives Matter bravely face off with “Neo-Nazis” with Journofa there to dox our people and file stories for leftwing websites. Instead, there is just going to be Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the spotlight, who with nothing else to do will showcase their own self-marginalizing radicalism and unleash their violence against the police.

The Alt-Right didn’t have any of these large publicly announced street demonstrations when Trump won the presidency in 2016. Black Lives Matter developed a reputation for shooting police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge and rioting in Ferguson, Milwaukee and Charlotte. The White backlash against the violence coming from Black Lives Matter fueled Trump’s “law and order” campaign.

So what happens with Antifa and Black Lives Matter team up with no “Neo-Nazis” in sight going forward? It happened last September in St. Louis when Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted for three nights in a row and surrounded and attacked Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house. It was overshadowed in the backlash to Charlottesville but that has gradually fizzled over the past year.

If I was the Trump campaign, I would be giddy at the prospect of Black Lives Matter and Antifa teaming up to put on an even bigger display of anarchy and disorder for the public than we saw in 2016. I’m sure they loved Chris Cuomo trying to rationalize and justify their violence on CNN.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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