The Attack On Western Civilization—No More Safe AmericaWe are…

The Attack On Western Civilization—No More Safe America

We are approaching a blank spot, a missing link between deeply different cultures, but first we must report another sad tale from Sweden involving a 45-year- old Swedish mother who worked in a group home for “unaccompanied refugee children”.

In November 2016, she took into her home an 18-year-old Afghan Muslim, Abdul D., from the home where his age made him ineligible for further residence. In time, Abdul and his hostess began same-bed sleeping arrangements and, in more time, Abdul criminally molested his benefactor’s 12-year-old daughter. As the mother took no action, the daughter reported the incident to her father who is separated from her mother. The child’s father informed the police, a court hearing took place and Abdul D. was given a three-month suspended sentence, and told to perform community service.

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Source: News To Me

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