Maher Bluntly Admits That Most Democrats Are For Open Borders And Anti-2nd Amendment

Liberals have been twisting Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s words on how the United States is changing demographically and trying to make her sound like a racist. HBO’s Bill Maher started a segment by calling her a racist. Then he read some quotes from Fareed Zakaria from his latest Washington Post article “There’s a middle ground on immigration. Both sides refuse to find it.”

“Donald Trump beat 16 talented Republican candidates because he outflanked them all on one issue: immigration. “The thing [my base] want[s] more than anything is the wall,” Trump explained to the Associated Press. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to move left on economics, believing that this will make them more credible populists,” writes Zakaria.

The article went on to claim that we need to find some type of middle ground on immigration. Maher disagreed and claimed that Zakaria’s comments are not “totally dissimilar from what she’s saying, without some of the ugliness to it, but policy-wise, it’s not that different.”

Maher went on to criticize people for trying to take nuanced approaches to things. He criticized liberals who say we need some type of border security, and liberals who claim to support the 2nd Amendment. He urged them to be more honest.

“Do we really need strengthening our borders? I mean, I hear all Democrats say that, just the way they always first say, ‘I’m a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.’ How about just saying it’s not a problem? It’s — immigration isn’t a problem from Mexico. We need those people. They want to be here,” said Maher.

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