“Deep State” Conspirators Now Cornered +VideosALL…

“Deep State” Conspirators Now Cornered +Videos

ALL the stars within the Hussein Obama [Spy Operation] are lining-up as “Q” unravels the Coup d’état attempt to take-down our Constitutional Republic.

The tide is turning as the Trump Administration begins the offensive against ALL prime suspects involved. “Q” tells us “Previews Over” “Showtime.”

I personally believed the counter offensive would happen after the midterm elections, while at the same time….waiting till after the midterms would be very risky for the Trump Administration, but because of the necessity to keep the latest release of documents in the spot light, the move to expose the “Deep State” before the midterms is now at-hand.

More reason for the Fakestream Media to go on a massive attack against Rep Nunes (R-CA) over a comment he made….which WE continue to convey, basically, “we have to win the midterms or it’s all over for any and all attempts to bring these bastards to justice.”

We’re also learning about a DoJ B-757 landed in Little Rock Arkansas where agents loaded the aircraft with Clinton Foundation and other Clinton records. FBI whistle blowers confirm….

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Source: News To Me

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