Conservative Candace Owens Exposes The Shocking Details Of How Liberals Assaulted Her

Candace Owens’ popularity as a Conservative commentator is growing. Even James Woods said that she should consider being a politician because she is so spot on. However, as her popularity grows, she is being heavily targeted by liberals. Ever since Maxine Waters call to harass Conservatives, it has not been safe to be a popular conservative.

Candace Owen’s was eating breakfast when she was ambushed by liberals, had things thrown at her, and called a Nazi.

“Water thrown on myself, they threw an egg at me. Here’s the interesting part, Candace and I were just minding our own business. We were just having a quiet breakfast and they mobilized within 20 or 30 minutes, at least 50 of them, came into the restaurant and started calling Candace a Nazi, which I can’t figure out how on earth they would come to that conclusion,” said Owen’s work partner Charlie Kirk in an interview with Sean Hannity.

“They drove us out of the restaurant and Candace and I said ‘let’s just stand here for a couple minutes and show them that we are not going to back down.’ Very peacefully we are not going to retaliate if things get thrown at us. Little did we know we’d actually have stuff thrown at us. We don’t want to play the victim card here, that’s what the left does all the time. This is what’s called on by Maxine Waters,” said Kirk.

“This is Maxine Waters’ America. We thought it was an important moment to show America exactly what we are fighting because not many people understand this is real. They’ve grown increasingly violent because they’re losing,” said Owens.

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