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Families of Assassinated Cops Sue Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan and Black Lives Matter

Two years ago, former military officer Patrick Zamarripa who joined the Dallas, Texas police force was assassinated along with four of his brother cops. The killings occurred in the midst of the presidential race between Hillary Clinton — who accused police of behavior she likened to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) — and Donald Trump, who received numerous endorsements from America’s biggest law enforcement organizations and unions.

During the 2016 campaign not only did Mrs. Clinton denigrate police, but most of the top Democratic Party politicos and their supporters including the Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan and the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter members, with both of them inciting violence against the nation’s police officers. Even President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder vilified local cops.

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Source: News To Me

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