Eric Trump Eviscerates The “Outrage” Media For Ignoring Recent Assassination Attempt On Him

The media has been whining that journalists lives are now in danger because President Trump calls them ‘Fake News’ and Jim Acosta got boo’ed at a Trump rally. However, the media has been inciting violence against Trump and his family during the entire Presidency. During a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Eric Trump ripped the media a new one.

“The hypocrisy is unlike anything you can imagine. You have them attacking Barron, you have them attacking Tiffany, you have them attacking our entire family. You have them spewing garbage every single day on CNN and all these other networks about my father,” said Eric Trump.

“Covering nonsense while forgetting about the fact that our economy grew at 4.1%, that we have the lowest unemployment in history, that jobs are coming back to the country, that the stock market’s at record high… So they spew nonsense all day, then little Jim Acosta gets belittled at a rally and all of a sudden I’m holier than [thou],” said Eric.

“Without details, has your family been threatened?” asked Hannity. Eric then shared the disturbing things his family has gone through. “I’ve been threatened, our family’s been threatened — all of us. We’ve all had white powder show up at our house. There’s no moral outrage about that,” said Eric.

“When Ben Shapiro goes to Berkeley to try to give a speech, and there’s protests in the street, there’s no moral outrage about that. Let the man have freedom of speech, let the man go out there and speak to people who want to listen to him. But when it happens to them, when they’re offended by a message, all of a sudden…” said Eric.

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