CNN Reports That 3D Printable Guns Will Be The Next 9/11

CNN’s Chris Cuomo decided to talk about plastic guns being manufactured with a 3D printer. And of course, because it’s CNN the conversation became completely ridiculous with multiple comparisons to 9/11.

“Well, this is wrong on so many levels. So first there is a law that prohibits the possession of undetectable firearms, so these plastic firearms. So as you noted, Chris, in your earlier discussion, by definition, anyone who is downloading these instructions and actually makes these guns is going to be an illegal gun owner of said gun,” said CNN’s national security expert Asha Rangappa.

“The first amendment argument, I don’t think really goes anywhere. There are public safety exceptions. In 1997 after the Timothy McVeigh bombing, Senator Feinstein passed an amendment making it illegal to post bomb-making instructions. So there are public safety exceptions to this,” said Rangappa.

“But I think really the practical effect is every day when you get on an airplane, you now have to worry about someone who may be sneaking in a plastic gun, and this is really just asking for potentially another 9/11. And I think that should be concerning to all of us,” said Rangappa.

Cuomo went on to argue against the First Amendment. “But, you know, I was doing some research on this, and there was some jurisprudence early on in discussion of the first amendment that, you know, the first amendment’s purpose isn’t just to justify the most ugly and vile things that can be said that that’s not the standard always for enforcing the first amendment,” said Cuomo. Check out the video below.

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