ICE Agents Claim Portland Police Operated Under Stand Down Order

According to ICE agents, the mayor of Portland ordered the police to stand down, refuse to respond to 911 calls and allowed violent anarchists to break the law:

“PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The union representing employees of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement urged the mayor of Portland, Oregon, to end his ban on city police helping ICE workers who have faced hostility from pro-immigrant activists.

Sean Riddell, the union’s attorney, asked Mayor Ted Wheeler for a meeting about the hands-off policy and threatened legal action if things do not change.

“Your policy has created a zone of terror and lawlessness,” Riddell said in a letter Monday.

It stems from a recent protest outside an ICE facility in Portland that was mostly peaceful. Activists opposed to President Donald Trump’s policy of separating immigrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border set up camp in mid-June and stayed around the clock for nearly 40 days. …”

Hmm … a policy that created “a zone of terror and lawlessness.” Where have we seen that before?

Note: This is why lots of groups have stopped cooperating with law enforcement and city governments when it comes to organizing events. We can’t take for granted that the police will uphold law and order anymore. In Portland, Berkeley, Charlottesville and other leftwing strongholds, politicians are openly choosing sides and allowing anarchists to riot and engage in violence.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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