Martha Raddatz Tries To Use Veterans To Attack Trump, Don Jr. Smacks Her With An Epic Zinger

We have seen the mainstream media try to attack President Trump and his family from all the angles they can think of. Now Martha Raddatz wrote a Washington Post op-ed trying to use veterans against President Trump. However, Don Jr. saw the article and completely destroyed it with a simple tweet.

“I reported alongside soldiers in foxholes. The president can’t take that away,” writes Martha Raddatz. President Trump never tried to take that away. “Like so many of my colleagues, I have covered this nation’s wars for decades, working side by side with our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen,” she writes.

“But as I listen to the vitriol aimed at the press by our president, I worry that those days of mutual respect will disappear for the next generation of reporters,” she wrote. “Have those veterans who booed and taunted the media in response to Trump’s cue forgotten that some members of the press corps are combat veterans? Have they forgotten that there are members of the press who continue to cover the military after suffering life-altering injuries while at the side of our courageous service members?” she writes.

“My thoughts after President Trump urged veterans to mistrust the press,” wrote Raddatz on Twitter with a link to her article. Don Jr. had the perfect response, it was concise, brutal and so true.

“Your crying on live tv on election night probably has nothing to do with the extreme bias exhibited daily by the liberal media, but in case it did why the hell would any rational person trust the media these days? Give me a break,” tweeted Don Jr.

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