New York Times Journalist Admits Shocking Way NYT Tries To Brainwash Americans To Hate Trump

New York Times journalist Bret Stephens admitted something very shocking about the New York Times during and interview with MSNBC’s Katy Tur. During the interview, Stephens discussed his newest article, which a fictional story about President Trump winning in 2020.

“So in this column, and again for our viewers, this is you predicting the future, making it up. It’s not real. But you predicted an Elizabeth Warren/Sherrod Brown ticket that focuses more on morality, and the morality of this president and the outrages that he has perpetrated, and less on the economy,” said Katy Tur.

“So I think Democrats may be – Donald Trump may be doing what I – doing his greatest disservice, which is he may be making Democrats lose their marbles. If Democrats are gonna win, they need message focus, they need an optimistic strategy for the American people, and they want – they need to show that they’re not just interested in humiliating Trump, they’re interested in making things better for Americans,” said Stephens.

Tur laughed and asked “Why would a Democrat listen to Bret Stephens, conservative columnist?”… ‘Conservative columinst… sure. Then Stephen’s admitted that the reason he works at the New York Times, is because he is anti-Trump and he wants to make it so Americans are also anti-Trump. Hmmm… so the New York Times is not as neutral and objective as they claim to be.

“Well, I know how conservatives think and I’ve seen many of these elections before. Look, one of the reasons I’m at The New York Times is I’m a never-Trumper….I do not want to see Donald Trump re-elected. I want to make America sane again. I want a president that I can respect. And I’m offering genuinely friendly advice,” said Stephens.

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