Harold Covington – a Brilliant Writer and Teacher

The great writer, public speaker and teacher Harold Covington has passed away. I send my very best to his friends and supporters.

Harold Covington was simply our best fiction writer. Like certain other great artist (Richard Wagner) – I tend to separate the art from the artist. Mr. Covington had many personal failings and just wasn’t good at lots of important things like fundraising, working with other like minded people. Mr. Covington was extremely abusive to our own Hunter Wallace and to me – yes he did fall down in to spreading lies, gossip, rumors, but in the end I don’t think that matters.

Harold Covington was a brilliant writer and I highly recommend his first 3 Northwest novels and also other historical fiction – my favorite is the “Black Flame”.

Harold Covington was also an excellent teacher, something that I aspire to be. It is the White Aryan concept of Dharma – one must do ones duty.

Warriors must fight a sweeper must sweep, a mother must mother, a student must study and a teacher must teach.

I send my very best to our great writer and great teacher

Harold Covington

God bless.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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