Unite The Right 2 Cancelled In Charlottesville

Unite The Right 2 won’t be coming back to Charlottesville:

This is great news.

No one wanted Unite The Right 2 to take place in Charlottesville. There are pending lawsuits and sentencing hearings coming up stemming from the first rally. I’ve said all along that we have no reason to trust elected officials or the police to uphold the law in Charlottesville. I thought it was a gamble to go back there and I am relieved this event won’t be happening.

As for Washington, DC, I think the police are much more capable of upholding law and order in Lafayette Park. Richard Spencer has held several events in front of the White House. He held a free speech rally last June in front of the Lincoln Memorial that went smoothly. The chances of Unite The Right 2 going awry in front of the White House are dramatically less than in Charlottesville.

The worst thing we can do to these Antifa LARPers is to stop engaging with them especially in places where the police stand down and allow them to incite violence:

Just by refusing to engage with these people, we are denying them publicity which will result in fewer Twitter followers and Patreon and Venmo donations. I don’t believe we should engage with them at all anymore, but if it is going to happen anyway let it happen in Washington, DC. The Trump administration won’t tolerate another debacle on its doorstep before the midterm elections and the #DisruptJ20 protesters are unlikely to want to go through another legal ordeal.

While I think UTR 2 in Washington, DC will likely go fine, I don’t believe that is any guarantee. I remember a few years ago when Antifa assaulted a friend of ours from Georgia and stole his Confederate flag at an event in DC. I also remember Richard Spencer’s antiwar protest against the Syrian intervention and the chaos of the Trump inauguration. We will all still be anxious about how this event pans out on August 12th, but at least it is likely to go much more smoothly now.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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