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Pres Trump Needs to Pardon Julian Assange, or His Fate Could Be Sealed

Democrats complain and belittle President Trump over Russia while not a peep from the Communist Left concerning a major threat on the horizon…China.

Could it be that Russia has evolved from a Soviet Union Communist Regime to a Christian Nation while Communist China…..the designated New World Order purveyor of world dominance, is more inline with the Globalist agenda? We know that Putin and Trump are very much anti-New World Order and (of course) that infuriates the Dems.

The Russian Collusion Witch Hunt went no where, but Mueller has been given a wide range of investigative powers to go after anyone connected and/or previously connected to the Trump campaign….as fair game over campaign funds or “lying” to the Mueller bunch.

Now that President Trump is meeting with Putin, the latest push to demonize that meeting by indicting 12 GRU agents, is a “nothing burger.”

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