Maxine Waters Supporters Burn Flag, Denounce America, Demand Support For “Queen Maxine”

The right-wing group known as the Oath Keepers decided to protest Maxine Waters for her comments against the Trump administration.

“Given the clear track record of Antifa, BAMN, and other far-left groups, which openly use violence and the threat of violence to intimidate and silence their political enemies, Maxine Waters either knew or should have known that her calls for people to harass Trump Admin officials would be answered by those inclined toward terrorist violence,” they explained in a statement.

“It stretches credibility for her to assert she didn’t know that. And she also knew or should have known that this would cause fear of violence in the people she is targeting, which is in fact exactly what she wants to do, as noted above, to pressure them to change their views. She is inciting political violence (terrorism),” they said.

However, Maxine Waters supporters arranged a counter protest. The Oath Keepers ended up canceling their protest while the counter protest continued. The left-wing counter protesters ended up staging a violent protest of their own, with baseball bats and more.

“She is the queen of Los Angeles if you don’t believe me ask anyone,” one protester told KCBS news. “This is not the American flag, this is their flag,” some cheered as they burned American flags. Some held signs that said “We support you Maxine our congresswoman,” “Don’t mess with our Queen Maxine,” and “Deport Trump.” There were also shouts of “black power” and “resist!”

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