Finding Our Own Sports – Gaelic Football

I tried to stay interested in the Soccer World Cup – the early knock out rounds were pretty good. I also enjoyed watching Vladimir Putin and THE RUSSIANS host this international event and the home Russian side did very well. All the Black African, Arab Muslim nations got knocked out in the first stage. But, there are simply too many Black, Arab, Brazilian mulattos, mestizos playing international soccer – must be over a billion. In countries like France, Belgium and soon England, Blacks, Browns and Arabs are using their numbers to bully White European boys – turning Western European soccer in to “their sport” a White no go zone.

So be it.

I spent the World Cup final Sunday in South Suburban Chicago’s Gaelic Park to get my first taste of the sport Gaelic Football. It’s a mix of soccer, rugby and a little basketball. The game is played with a round soccer ball, players run like in rugby but can only run ~ 4 steps before they have to dribble, pass or kick. Points are scored through a traditional soccer goal (3 points) or an American football style field goal between the uprights (1 point) – the game is very physical with lots of pushing and body punching, but without full tackling.

My friend is trying to toughen up his 6 and 5 year old nephews and also teach them some ethnic/racial/cultural pride in their Irish Celtic heritage. The early age 5-6 yrs old group is co-ed and boys and girls basically run around and get some exercise.

The Gaelic Park – Gaelic Football field is an Irish American/Irish Irish etho sports/pub state. It’s a good place and I was pleased that the Pub was showing Irish Gaelic Football instead of the Black French dominated World Cup soccer finals.

It’s very important that we find our own sports, our own music, our own dance, our own languages and religions and not share them with the entire world, or they will cease being “ours”.

Once upon a time – a long time ago SEC South Eastern Conference American Football was a White Southern sport – White Southerners and Whites from places like Pennsylvania (Joe Namath) dominated SEC Football – the “Ol Miss Rebels” were led by Archie Manning and the crowd flew Confederate Battle Flags. Those days are long, long gone – Gone With the Wind. And now SEC Football is dominated by Black African thugs, academic and moral standards have been lowered to the point where my alma mater Vanderbilt University allowed Black African American rapists to target White college girls.

But, the reality is that the only sports Black African American thugs dominate in the USA are American Football and Basketball. Even boxing works well for us – the champions are White Europeans, White British/Australians.

So, it should just be something we do to transition our people towards sports where the participants and stars are our people instead of Black Felons or 3rd world imports.

I note that tall White boys in places like Southern California have pretty much given up on trying to make it in basketball, instead they go in for baseball pitching – good for them.

Ice Hockey does very, very well in the South – Nashville TN as in Dallas Texas and now Los Vegas NV. If you want to revitalize your downtown, bring in an NHL or minor league hockey team – the (middle and upper class Whites) crowd will go out to dinner or stay afterwards for drinks, which is not the case for NFL games – people just tailgate and then leave.

None of us are going to be NFL Football owners like Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots (the Whitest, most winning NFL football team), but we can get involved in all kinds of other sports. How about putting together an investment team to buy 2 minor league hockey teams – on both sides of the Mason Dixon line – one will be the


The other the Yankees

We’ll offer inexpensive beer a few hockey fights, lots of great music including “Dixie”.

What do ya say?

Source: Occidental Dissent

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