Trump Administration Reverses Obama Affirmative Action Policy

I’m always willing to give credit where credit is due:

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration said Tuesday that it was abandoning an Obama administration policy that called on universities to consider race as a factor in diversifying their campuses, signaling that the administration will champion race-blind admissions standards on campuses.

In a joint letter, the Education and Justice Departments announced that they had rescinded seven Obama-era policy directives on affirmative action, which, the departments said, “advocate policy preferences and positions beyond the requirements of the Constitution.” …”

It is great news that the Trump administration is dismantling Obama era affirmative action policies. This is more of a symbolic change to guidance documents that “do not have the force of law,” but I want to pass along the positive things that are happening as well as the negative.

As far as affirmative action goes, Anthony Kennedy has been the swing vote on the Supreme Court on affirmative action, voting rights and civil rights for decades now. There hasn’t been a moment in my adult life when affirmative action has been in real peril because of Kennedy.

President Trump has a historic opportunity to have a decisive impact on these issues. It all depends on who he appoints to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court shifts and affirmative action crumbles, his base will be very happy and will have a solid accomplishment to boast about.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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