“Physically Ill” MSNBC Host Claims Media Is “Understating” The Horrors of Kennedy Retirement

Liberals have been losing their minds ever since Justice Kennedy announced his retirement. They have declared that it is the end of the world. They are encouraging each other to get abortions while they still can. This is ironic, because, the left has spent so long pretending to care about kids at the border, and now they are encouraging abortion in retaliation to Kennedy’s retirement.

During a recent MSNBC interview, host Chris Jansing talked bout how one woman activist she knows has gotten “literally physically ill” when she found out that Justice Kennedy was retiring. The host then went on to say that perhaps the media is ‘understating’ how horrible the retirement really is.

“I was just with several different groups of Democrats in California 25th, that’s one of those congressional district that’s heating up for the fall. And I mean, this is – one woman actually told me that she was an activist in the ’60s and she had not been very active since then, and when she heard about Kennedy stepping down, she literally got physically ill,” claimed Jansing.

“And so, is it possible to overstate how much this will change the way America is, the way laws are formed? Are we being a little hyperbolic or are we maybe even understating the possibility that you get a conservative jurist, and maybe even one more after that?” she said.

Check out the video below.

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