Review: 2018 League of the South Conference

I’ve been highly involved in the Southern Nationalist movement since 2012. It was in 2012 that I attended my first League of the South national conference in Wetumpka, AL.

This was the seventh consecutive national conference I have attended in Wetumpka. I believe it was the third in which I have been asked to deliver a speech. It is the most enjoyable gathering of the year because it is unique among events in the entire Southern Nationalist, White Nationalist, Alt-Right sphere. The unique aspect of the annual League of the South conference is the total absence of drama and disruption at such a relatively large scale, publicly announced event.


This is the most laid back, secure event in the entire Far Right movement. American Renaissance holds an annual conference in Tennessee, but even there Antifa tend to show up, engage in limited harassment of attendees and snap photos of license plate numbers. This has never happened at any of the League of the South national conferences because the event is held in a building on private property in a wooded rural area where there are no adjacent public areas where Antifa can congregate.

Insofar as any opposition ever shows up at this event, they are limited to driving back and forth on US 231 and trying to snap photos from a moving vehicle. License plates can’t be seen from the road. We had someone show up this year and try to hide in the woods across the street. They were chased off and we found a trail through the woods. This secure venue has implications for the movement.


This building is an invaluable asset for the League of the South. It costs us nothing to host our events there. As we have seen, Antifa are capable of harassing private hotels and restaurants until they cancel our reservations. They are capable of showing up at events which are held in public parks and on public streets and getting them cancelled by inciting violence. They can snap photos of license plate numbers and attendees of public events and use that information to try to dox people. There is nothing that these people can do though about tightly controlled events held on private property.

If you have ever wanted to attend a real world event to meet other people who share your beliefs and values, this is the ideal location. There is less risk involved than any other comparable public event. There is a great lesson for political dissidents here who have controversial views. We don’t have to be in public streets and public restaurants to engage in recruitment, organizing and networking. We can do all of these things on private property while eliminating the risks of violence and doxing. We have also failed to take full advantage of private property as a venue for organizing.

What if we owned more buildings like this one on private property in every Southern state? We could hold annual statewide conferences there and organize and build networks in the real world without any interference. Instead of raising money to fight off frivolous lawsuits caused by Antifa violence at public rallies, it makes much more sense to raise money which can be invested in building physical infrastructure that we own like the League of the South building in Alabama. Churches don’t hold their services in public streets or public parks or hotels and restaurants.

We don’t even need buildings to host publicly announced events on private property where we can engage in organizing and networking. Why can’t we organize public events on, say, someone’s ranch in Texas who is already a public figure in the movement? Is there a compelling reason why we have to host our events in hotels, restaurants, public parks and streets which are vulnerable to doxing?


If we want to continue to engage in street activism, do we have to announce our plans to the world months in advance so that leftwing journalists from Huffington Post and their Antifa allies will know where and when to show up? Why can’t we apply for permits, privately organize trusted and vetted activists and hold demonstrations without any interference? Is it necessary to host public events in which we are cordoned off from interacting with the public behind steel cages and metal detectors without any flags and the presence of violent Antifa have scared away our sympathizers? Does it make any sense to organize in communities in the way we have been doing in Pikeville, KY, Shelbyville, TN and Newnan, GA?

Why can’t we just eliminate violent Antifa from our events? The only reason that violent Antifa are capable of showing up at our events in the first place is because we are giving them the intelligence, targets and time to mobilize that they need to be there.

This is how we should host events in the future:

Pikeville, KY

Shelbyville, TN

Newnan, GA

1.) First, we should select multiple locations to visit several cities in a region of a Southern state.

2.) Second, we should quietly apply for a permit to host demonstrations in these cities. We should make a point NOT to announce these events on the internet. Most likely, the permits will be swiftly approved, or failing that we could just show up unannounced and use public sidewalks.

3.) Third, we should privately organize vetted activists who want to attend these demonstrations. If we have learned anything over the past year, it is that we don’t want people who we don’t know and can’t control showing up at these events who are a potential liability.

4.) Fourth, we should show up at the time of the permits, host the demonstrations and interact with the public WITHOUT any interference. Without the presence of violent Antifa, there will be no steel cages. There won’t be a siege mentality in the cities in which we are organizing. There won’t be mainstream media journalists who are aligned with Antifa tagging along to snap photos and give us bad publicity. The people in these communities will stilll hear about the demonstrations in the local media, but violent Antifa won’t be part of the story.

5.) Finally, we will control almost all of the images and video that come out of these events, which will cut down on both doxing and bad publicity.

The only reason violent Antifa are able to insert themselves and their narrative into our events is because we have allowed them to be part of the show. They are nothing but a deranged foil that discredits and polarizes public opinion against the Left. They are already fulfilling this role though by harassing Trump administration officials and inciting riots with their attacks on mainstream conservatives. It is in our interest to encourage them to polarize moderates and conservatives against the Left while denying them occasions to incite violence that polarizes the public against us.


This weekend several of us held our own private fellowship event in Wetumpka parallel to the League of the South national conference.

A friend of mine brought a smoker from Mississippi to a nearby campground and cooked up a BBQ feast: hamburgers, hotdogs, sausages, ham, breakfast sausage, eggs, chicken, smoked bologna, corn on the cob, etc. It was delicious and we spent several days eating, relaxing, drinking, chatting about religion, culture, history and politics while enjoying the companionship of old friends from across the South. Yesterday, we bought some floats and floated down the Coosa River.

It was so much fun that we decided to host more of these private fellowship events in other states. More people would be interested in travelling to attend private parties like this one where there is zero chance of violence or doxing than showing up in a leftwing stronghold like Charlottesville to be bombarded by violent Antifa hurling balloons filled with feces and urine. It is easier for political dissidents to organize and network away from the public spotlight. The vast majority of people came to Charlottesville because they wanted to have fun and attend the private afterparty, not the public rally.

Why can’t ALL our events be as safe, fun, comfortable and relaxed as this one? The presence of Antifa ISN’T required at ANY of our events, public or private, and it is within our power to cut this nuisance completely out of our events and leave them in the dark. Their goal is to disrupt our organizing and networking and prevent us from enjoying fellowship with others and they have been partially successful in this solely because we are giving them the intelligence, targets and time to mobilize.


If there was one speech that stood out at the 2018 League of the South national conference, the consensus is that it was Jim O’Brien’s speech about successful nationalist insurgencies.

O’Brien made a persuasive argument that successful nationalist insurgencies have a few qualities in common. They have a strong ethnic and religious foundation. They have political goodwill from the public. They have strong financial backing. They also have the military capacity to win their independence. It was crystal clear to me that Southern Nationalism currently enjoys none of these things.

Southern Nationalism has the potential to have a strong ethnic and religious foundation, but as I said in my speech Southern identity is extremely weak. It has been severely attenuated to the point where the Sons of Confederate Veterans argues that tens of thousands of blacks fought for the Confederacy. We have lost our sense of identity and our cultural and moral self confidence.

In my speech, I argued that we were putting the cart before the horse. We’ve spent years trying to force the issue at our public rallies. We want the Southern people to rise up now before it is too late. Unfortunately, they lack all the prerequisites to do so. A successful Southern independence movement would require a STRONG sense of Southern identity, a STRONG desire to separate from the United States and a STRONG belief that reforming the system is impossible. Right now, over 90% of Republicans support the Trump administration. We’re not going to convince the Southern people to secede from the United States under a Republican president who is perceived to be successful. The ordinary Southerner is going to cling to the delusion that the Trump administration is Making America Great Again until the reality of our situation can no longer be denied.


My biggest takeaway from Jim O’Brien’s speech is that we need to be articulating a clear sense of Southern ethnic and religious identity. As I said in my speech, we aren’t producing anywhere near enough Southern Nationalist content because we have become so preoccupied with street activism. We need to be building political goodwill with the public, but we aren’t accomplishing that when Antifa are able to tag along at our events, create a siege mentality while forcing our events into freedom cages. We need to be building a strong financial base, but we are losing our access to crowdfunding platforms and doxing is causing financial stress for our own members. We need the military capacity to win our independence, but many of us aren’t even in good physical shape.

This was the largest League of the South conference that I have personally attended, but I came away from it convinced that we need to change the way we have been doing things. We’ve had the wrong priorities. We’ve been going about this in the wrong way. I now have a much better sense of the priorities we need to be focusing on and why Antifa has been such an unnecessary nuisance and massive liability at our public events. We’re political dissidents and we need to start acting like it.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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