League of the South Holds Flash Rally In Selma, AL

The SPLC published a false story about the 2018 League of the South Conference.

Apparently, an SPLC reporter camped out at the intersection of 231 North and AL 14 expecting that the League was going to hold another demonstration at that location. When the League didn’t show up in Wetumpka, he assumed there must have been no activism this weekend.

Instead of holding a demonstration in Wetumpka, the League of the South showed up around 6 AM about 56 miles to the west on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL. We did this to make the point that in the future we can and will show up unexpectedly anywhere and at any time in the South. We’re going to start holding private, unannounced, invitation only events that deny Antifa and their allies in the national media the intelligence, targets and the time to mobilize that they need to be there.

They will never know we are coming. We can pop up anywhere and at any time to organize in their communities and be out before they even know we were there. We’re not going to walk into anymore ambushes like in Charlottesville where the opposition has nearly a year to prepare for our arrival and law enforcement agencies operate under stand down orders.

UPDATE: Do you remember when the League of the South cancelled the Murfreesboro rally last October? It turns out it really was a frivolous lawsuit trap.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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