MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Argues Trump Shouldn’t Be Legally Allowed To Pick SCOTUS

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews had a very strange discussion with Hollywood director Rob Reiner over President Trump choosing the next Supreme Court Justice. Matthews and Reiner seemed to imply in their conversation that Trump shouldn’t be allowed to pick the SCOTUS because he is being investigated. According to Rob Reiner a “potential criminal” shouldn’t be “choosing our next Supreme Court justice.”

“I have — there’s another lay of concern here. This Supreme Court, when it’s full up with nine justices, will decide the fate very well of this President. We’ve got a special counsel loaded for bear,” started Matthews.

“All kinds of issues, obstruction of justice and possible collusion with the Russians and how — what materials and what testimonies have to be accepted, whether he has to testify or not and they are going to let him pick one of the people to decide his own fate,” said Matthews.

Reiner made a similar argument. “Wherever you come down on any of these issues, I would hope as an American you don’t want a potential criminal choosing one of our Supreme Court justices. That’s what it comes down to,” said Reiner.

“I mean, I don’t care whether you’re a pro-life or pro-choice, I happen to be, you know, pro-choice and I happen to be in favor of gay rights and civil rights and workers rights and all those things and those things are in jeopardy, but whatever — wherever you come down ideologically, we can all agree that we shouldn’t have a potential criminal choosing our next Supreme Court justice,” said Reiner. Only problem is their is no evidence Trump is a criminal, and you can call anyone a “potential criminal.” What happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty?’

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