BREAKING: More Than a Dozen Women Brawl At San Francisco PRIDE Parade [VIDEO]


More than a dozen women brutally fought at San Francisco’s Pride Festival on Sunday over a dispute about a singer’s performance, Breitbart reports.

“I guess one girl asked the other girl if Kehlani was performing. And I guess the other girl said, ‘Yeah, she is,’ but I guess she said it very rudely or angrily and called her a bitch,” said Navdeep Thind, who captured the video and posted it to his Twitter account. “That triggered the other girl to say something like, ‘Did you just call me a bitch?’ And that started their argument.”

This is the tolerance that they demand the rest of the world give them?  You are damn right when I say, “them” I am absolutely referencing the gay community.  They make demands of people and they hold their marches and protests, parades and public displays that they demand the rest of the world allow.

Yet they tromp around nude, dressed like some B-rate sci-fi hookers and act out because they want to and frankly, they get away with it.

We suffer that which we tolerate and people need to stop tolerating and being submissive to those that break the law.

These pathetic individuals in the video were absolutely breaking the law and not a single one was detained or arrested.  What do you expect though, it is San Fran after all.

“San Francisco Pride has been rude all day,” she wrote on Twitter. “Didn’t expect any of this.

I don’t want to cause a situation because I really care about this community but stay away from Pride if your heart isn’t in it. San Francisco deserved better today & the cops are out fully strapped…get.home. safe.”


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The argument between the two women escalated into a physical confrontation where several women began screaming, kicking one other, and banging one another’s heads into the pavement.

Thind, a student at Diablo Valley College, told SF Gate that the brawl was so brutal, he saw “heads hitting the cement.”

On Twitter, people shared their anger, both at the festival for stopping the singer’s set short and at the women fighting on a day that was supposed to free of hate. SF Gate

Although the violence became brutal, police made no arrests. Authorities said they had no further comment about the incident.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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