Time Magazine Head Defends Blatant Lie On Its Cover: It “Symbolized” The Truth

Time Magazine recently posted a cover photo of Trump looking down at a crying immigrant child who was supposedly separated from her mother. Only one problem, the girl in the photo was not separated from her mother. However, Time Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Edward Felsenthal defended the lie on the cover, claiming that it ‘symbolized’ the truth.

“As soon as it was revealed through an interview with the child’s father that the family had not been separated there was a really strong right-wing backlash to your cover, including from the Trump administration. Did you make a mistake by having this crying girl on the cover?” asked CNN’s Brian Stelter.

First he claimed that they have no plans of removing the little girl. They will continue to use her as an icon. Then he admitted they had no idea if the little girl was ever separated to begin with. He then claimed that the photo symbolized what he wanted it to, despite the actual facts.

“Look, I think John Moore’s photo was and will remain an iconic one. We chose the photo because this little girl became the face of this story on front pages and home pages and TV screens and Facebook feeds,” said Felsenthal. –

“None of us in the media who used the photo knew what had happened to the girl after this precise moment,” admitted Felsenthal… but…. “I felt that this photo symbolized this moment in America. She became the face of this debate, of this crisis, and juxtaposing her with the person in whose decisions, in whose hands her fate was held I thought was a powerful, important statement of the decisions we have to make as a country.”

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