Sarah Sanders In Virginia: A Wonderful Look At Conservative Ineptitude

So I’ve decided that continuous writing about Trump is nothing more than a waste of time and computer power, although I’ll make exceptions from time to time in order to push specific moral messages.

And I think Sarah Sanders’ response at the Red Hen qualifies as a perfect opportunity to reiterate what I’ve already said in times past.

You see, when you see Conservatives fight Leftists and Jews, you’re seeing the political/cultural version of a quadriplegic fighting a male bear in the prime of life.

There’s typically no strength, no endurance, and no sense of revolutionary zeal behind the man or woman on the right – three things needed to carry on a successful struggle.

Instead, we’re treated to morality ploys and gestures that come from a playbook that is either ignored by the other side, or in the case of Jews, a playbook that’s transformed into yet another weapon to beat down the opposition – an example would the recent use of Jesus Christ quotes by television Jews in their push for further Squatamalan enrichment.

No matter how many times they’re beaten, humiliated, and thrown around the ring, the Conservative will always try to play the game according to rules nobody either remembers or abides by any longer.

Morality, kindness, and honor may very well be good things in a national community of shared mores and culture, but when in a legitimate fight to the death with an existential threat not seen in at least a thousand years, these become weights and handicaps that can doom one to defeat before the real bullets ever start flying.

Again, we’re left with two serious questions that need to be answered by everyone ranging from Sarah Sanders herself, to those even further to the right than myself.

  1. Is it immoral to fight for the survival of your culture, civilization, and people by any means necessary?
  2. Is it moral to let your people and all that was created by your people die in the most brutal manner imaginable?

Source: Occidental Dissent

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