Al Sharpton Attacks Trump Supporters As Racist For Swift Reaction To Family Separations

Even though children were being separated from their families during the Obama administration, and President Trump ended it shortly after he found out about it, liberals are doing everything they can to blame President Trump. According to Al Sharpton, Republicans were fine with these families being separated, but they wouldn’t have been if they were white.

He started by attacking Trump for allowing angel parents to speak out. Parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. “First of all, all of us—I agree with what was said. All of us hold in high esteem the families who have a lost loved one, but what does that have to do with separation of other families? He’s mixing an issue that has nothing to do with the other,” said Sharpton.

“For him to shamelessly do that— because of what he did, I think is add to and manipulate their pain. Secondly, when you have someone saying that they’re not our children, but he very carefully says they’re not from Idaho or Texas, he’s really sending this whole racial signal that I’ve been saying from the beginning, which is why I went yesterday to McAllen, Texas, with an ecumenical group,” said Sharpton.

“We’re not saying that about Canadian children. We’re not saying about people that come here illegally from other countries. We’re saying that about children from South America, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean because he’s not saying that about everybody,” said Sharpton.

“He’s saying that about distinct people who are stopped at that border. Are we standing at the Canadian border saying, if we find any of y’all coming in another way, we’re separating you from your children? No, because they wouldn’t tolerate that. And most of Donald Trump’s base wouldn’t tolerate seeing white children treated like that,” said Sharpton.

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