“How Dare you!?” Geraldo Has A Total Meltdown Against Sean Hannity Over Border Kids

Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera lost his mind in a recent segment with Sean Hannity. Hannity and Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch tried to have a rational discussion about what is happening at the border. However, Rivera kept interrupting with screams of how cruel people are who see the situation differently than him.

“This is cruelty as policy! This is an obscenity! This is the government of the United States and the president that we both love, advocating a system by which young children are torn from their mothers,” screamed Rivera.

Hannity pointed out that he doesn’t want families separated. He also pointed out how liberals have been using this as a way to attack Trump and have been ignoring legislation that could fix it.“It can be fixed tomorrow [if Congress passes an immigration-reform bill],” said Hannity.

“We can’t condone this! The Republicans are the party of faith and family. When did we become the party of child abuse?” screamed Rivera.

Chris Farrell responded. “The demagoguery and virtue-posturing are repulsive. This has been a problem that has been in existence for decades. The fact that the president wishes to enforce the law shouldn’t shock anyone… It can be fixed. It should be fixed, but anyone getting hysterical over ‘children being separated from their parents’ needs to realize that criminals are exploiting the children. That’s a fact,” said Farrell. Then Rivera’s crazy response. “This is not hysterical! This is child abuse! How dare you! How dare you!” screamed Rivera. Check out the video below.

Source: Geraldo Rivera goes on unhinged rant about border crisis on Hannity. by BPR

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