DNC Creates Rule To Block Bernie Sanders From Running As A Democrat In 2020

The Democratic Party remains just as corrupt as ever, and it’s one of many reasons that President Trump will win again in 2020. Many Democrats complained in 2016 that the DNC rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. It appears that they haven’t learned their lesson and will continue to rig. They are already preparing for 2020.

Bernie Sanders was officially registered as an Independent when he ran for the Democratic Party in 2016. The DNC is trying to pass a law that will make that not allowed.

Each candidate must also affirm “in writing, to the National Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee” that he is “a member of the Democratic Party; will accept the Democratic Nomination and will run and serve as a member of the Democratic Party,” says the new rule.

There seems to be no real reason to make this rule, besides Bernie Sanders. “@DNC #RBC just changed the rules to ensure to run for President as a Democrat you need to be A Democrat” tweeted Randi Weingarten. People immediately saw through it.

“And here I thought the Democrats were the “big tent” party? Certainly goes to show the establishment Dems would rather continue to lose to Republicans than win with real progressives! Good job so-called “leaders”” wrote one user in response. “Soooooo Another 4 years of Trump. Cool,” wrote another.

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