New York Times Finally Argues In Favor Of 2nd Amendment… So Muslims Can Use Guns Against Whites

The liberal media has had a tough time understanding why Americans defend the 2nd Amendment. But suddenly, the New York Times totally gets it, and completely defends gun rights… so that Muslims can use them against white people.

The New York Times argued that Muslims face persecution and discrimination and need guns to protect themselves.

“American Muslims like Ms. Muhammad say they own guns for the same reasons as anyone else: for protection, for hunting and sport shooting, for gun and rifle collections or for their work. They also cite another factor: fear of persecution, at a time when hate crimes against Muslims have soared to their highest levels since the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks,” writes the New York Times.

They went on to argue against white men. “Gun ownership was the preserve of white men since before the nation’s founding, when the colonies prohibited women and slaves from owning firearms and banned sales of guns to Native Americans. As the right to own a gun expanded, so did tensions. After armed members of the Black Panthers occupied the State Capitol in 1967, California passed a law banning the carrying of loaded firearms in public. The American Muslims we interviewed recently said their decision to own guns was simply a matter of exercising their hard-earned rights,” writes the New York Times.

The New York Times apparently thought Muslims owning guns would be controversial to people. They were mistaken. “Was this supposed to be an edgy headline? Americans, like these in the article, exercise their second amendment rights to protect themselves all the time,” wrote one user. “Um.. good for them?” wrote another. “And just like that, liberals were for gun rights,” wrote another.

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