S.E. Cupp Eviscerates Samantha Bee And Points Out The Huge Hole In Her ‘Apology’

Samantha Bee ‘apologized’ for calling Ivanka Trump a ‘c*nt’ for posting a photo of herself hugging her son. However, many people were not satisfied by this so-called apology. Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp explained why.

The guest Heather McDonald thought it was a great apology, and expressed that people should forgive her because she made the comments as part of a comedy show. S.E Cupp countered that.

“Well, I mean, to Heather’s point, it’s a comedy show and there’s nothing funny about calling a mother the c-word as an insult, as a misogynistic slur because she posted a picture with her kid, so those are sort of incongruous. The apology was fine, but it was couched in like a dozen different codicils,” pointed out Cupp.

“One, I’m a comedian, don’t look to me for civility and also, you should be more civil in your own actions and I’ve used the word before. And I’ve been using it to reclaim it. Also, I’m not sorry to Ted Cruz and to men and, also, I was talking about these innocent immigrant children. So, somewhere in there was an apology, but when you have to stuff all that other stuff around it, the apology kind of gets lost,” said Cupp.

“Look, I’m ready to move on and let Sam Bee go back to her job of being funny, I guess, but that conversation can be over now, but there is still a conversation, I think, to be had about whether the left gets let off the hook a bit more easily than the right,” said Cupp.

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