Synthetic ‘Tissues’ Build ThemselvesBiologists have programmed…

Synthetic ‘Tissues’ Build Themselves

Biologists have programmed cells to self-organize into 3D-structures in a first step towards tissues that regrow and self-repair.

How do complex biological structures — an eye, a hand, a brain — emerge from a single fertilized egg? This is the fundamental question of developmental biology, and a mystery still being grappled with by scientists who hope to one day apply the same principles to heal damaged tissues or regrow ailing organs.

Now, in a study published May 31, 2018 in Science, researchers have demonstrated the ability to program groups of individual cells to self-organize into multi-layered structures reminiscent of simple organisms or the first stages of embryonic development. Researchers programmed cells to self-assemble into complex structures such as this one with three differently colored layers.

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