NYC: Woke Black Woman Demolishes Jew On Subway

Northern Negroes, especially in areas like New York City and Boston, tend to understand the Jewish Problem at a rate higher than Whites in many parts of the country.

Sure, you’ll often have them make simple mistakes like categorizing Jews as a freakish offshoot of our race, but at the end of the day, the right emotions and enough of an understanding exists to sometimes make things quite interesting indeed.

And yes, if you’re wondering, I’m of course going to take the side of the Black nearly every single time – many of our concerns and differences could easily be addressed (or wouldn’t exist at all) if it weren’t for the Jews.

New York Post:

A black woman went on a rant against an Orthodox Jewish man aboard a crowded city subway train after he called her racist, video of the incident shows.

The nearly two-minute clip, posted last week by Twitter user @Chrisfrench_, begins in the middle of the heated morning confrontation between the pair on a Bronx-bound 4 train at 8:53 a.m.

“You said I’m racist so you tell me what I’m being racist towards … because you’re Jewish and I said if a Jewish family got on here, somebody would have got up. That is not a racist statement. That is a factual statement,” the woman can be heard yelling at the man as they both stand on the moving train.


Israeli national broadcaster Arutz Sheva identified the man as Yossi Wolfe, a 31-year-old Wall Street Journal software engineer.

Of course.

Tell us, Yossi, did you get your job through hard work and study, or did you pull the good old nepotism trick as taught in the Talmud?

Wolfe told the TV station the hubbub began after another African American woman – with three small kids – boarded the crowded train last week and no one gave up their seat for them.

“So this other lady started screaming at everyone around her, saying ‘Why are you guys not getting up? This lady’s here with her three kids,’ ” said Wolfe, who had been standing, “and then she finally said, ‘If it was a Jewish family y’all would have gotten up!’ At which point I said to her, ‘Can we please not make this a racist thing?’ ”

And that’s what set off the sunglasses-wearing woman, according to Wolfe.

She could often be heard in the video shouting over Wolfe: “You need to learn the difference between race … Judaism is not a race. It is a religion.”

Understandable error, although there are plenty of Blacks out there who understand that Whites and Jews are entirely different creatures.

The man can then be heard quietly telling the woman to “calm down.”

“No, I need to calm down now because I’m schooling your a–,” the woman says. “You guys think you’re so f—king smart, but guess what? I’m gonna teach you a lesson on this f—king train today.”

Wolfe then interrupts and says: “No, ‘you guys.’ I am a person. You are a person.”

“No! No!” the woman replies.

Give this woman some bug spray and some building materials to construct wooden shower rooms, because we’ve got a BASED one here, folks.

“We are different. Understand that. You know why? Because your people treat my people different in our community! The f–k you talking about,” the woman shouts as she thumps on her chest with her hand.

This is true – we just want to be among our own and not deal with you, while the Jews would annihilate you if given the chance.

Wolfe — wearing a yarmulke and his tzitzit, or traditional Jewish fringes — then says: “That’s not true.”

Another straphanger on the packed train can be heard voicing support for the woman, saying, “She’s right.”

Preach it – let the community know about the owners of the slave ships too while you’re at it.

The woman continues her rant, saying: “You treat us different in our community. You don’t even rent to us. What the f—k are you talking about?”

It’s actually sort of sad when you think that this woman will probably lose everything if her identity gets out there.

Because there is a specific pecking order in this country, and Jews will always (unless you’re Roseanne Barr) be at the top.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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