Bongino Exposes Shocking Reason Democrats Refuse To Say “Spy”

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino, exposed the true reason why liberals are refusing to use the word ‘spy.’ “The reason they’re dancing around this spy vs. informant narrative is precisely because of what you just asked… the role of Obama,” explained Bongino.

“Spy would mean it was someone from the outside inserted or designed to interact with the campaign to get information. Meaning someone told them to do it. An informant would be someone inside the operation who saw something negative and wanted to come out and speak about it,” he said.

“That’s why they’re not using the word spy, precisely because it implicates Obama who put him from the outside into the Trump campaign,” he said.

The mainstream media have taken their hatred to a new level. MSNBC’s Joy Reid announced she would refuse to use the term ‘SpyGate,’ and she won’t read his tweets because that “is what he wants us to do.”

“The fake scandal that Trump scripted in the media for us this week has a name — one that we are not going to repeat this morning. And it has tweets to go with it, which I am not going to read because reading the tweets is what he wants us to do. The focus of this reality show is a revival of the lie the FBI under President Obama spied on Trump’s campaign in 2016. It’s the latest effort in Trump’s ongoing crusade to discredit the Mueller investigation and to make you doubt it — the crusade that’s fuelling the Trump train and forcing the rest of us to ponder,” said Reid.

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