Meghan McCain Crushes Vulgar WHCD Comedian Michelle Wolf To Her Face

‘Comedian’ Michelle Wolf made headlines when she made incredibly vulgar jokes at the White House Correspondence Dinner and even attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her appearance. Wolf was a guest on ‘The View’ where Meghan McCain confronted her.

“So I know you know this, but I actually said that I thought your standup routine was a gift to the Trump administration and that liberals were criticizing you as well. The association is saying it’s considering having no comedians whatsoever in the future. How would you feel if you killed another comedian’s job?” asked McCain.

“I mean, I don’t care! It’s not, like, a great job. I mean, it’s — I think everyone that has ever done it has been, like, “Great, now I don’t have to do it again.” I don’t think — I mean the whole time I called it a homework assignment. But it being, like, a gift to Trump, I don’t think it was a gift to Trump any more than every single “news” show, and I put that in quotes, “news,” is a gift to Trump,” responded Wolf.

“Many interpreted those jokes to be to be jokes about her looks. What do you say about that?” pointed out Sunny Hostin explained.

Wolf responded that everyone who thinks this is stupid. “I mean the people that did I just was like, ‘oh, I thought you were smarter.’Just listen to the joke. I think it said more about them. They were like ‘this is about her looks.’ I think you have something to say about her looks. I’m fine with how she looks,” responded Wolf.

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