Pope Tells Homosexual That God Loves Him, Has No Issue With Anal Perversions

To think that not all that long ago in the grand scheme of things, Antipope Francis would have found himself burning at the stake – or possibly just flayed alive due to his excessive heresy.

And to think that even more recently, possibly in living memory of some oldies, this weasel would have been torn to pieces by enraged crowds in a majority of Catholic-majority countries (including those in Europe).

But all that is gone now, and the time of the New Sacrament is upon us.

Problem is that I can’t go into detail because of the family nature of this site, but just know that it more than likely involves a gerbil that may or may not be called Lemmiwinks.

LA Times:

Pope Francis has reportedly told a gay man that “God made you that way and loves you as you are,” apparently pushing the pontiff’s acceptance of homosexuality to a new level.

Francis made the comments to Juan Carlos Cruz, a Chilean victim of priestly sexual abuse who recently spent days with the pope at the Vatican to discuss his ordeal as the pontiff moves to tackle decades of coverups and ostracism of victims in the Chilean church, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Cruz was quoted as having discussed his homosexuality with Francis. “He told me: ‘Juan Carlos, I don’t care about you being gay. God made you that way and loves you as you are and I don’t mind. The pope loves you as you are, you have to be happy with who you are.’ “

Even just a lifetime ago, the most radically-Leftist thing one would hear a Catholic say to a queer would be something along the lines of. “God does love you, and wants to save you from degeneracy and eternal suffering in hell. Pray to Him to heal your sickness, and pray for strength whenever you feel the sodomy urge rise.”

A spokesman at the Vatican on Sunday declined to confirm or deny Francis’ comments, stating, “We don’t normally comment on the pope’s private conversations.”

Well this is a total lie.

What about the hell doesn’t exist thing from just a month or so back?

That year he also told an interviewer, “A person once asked me, in a provocative manner, if I approved of homosexuality,” adding, “I replied with another question: ‘Tell me: When God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person?’ ”

His reported remarks based on Cruz’s account go further, however, by suggesting he believes people are created gay by God — a position likely to anger Catholic conservatives.

My personal belief is that we’re created with free will to commit good and evil acts, but in most instances, you’ll see people stray along the easiest path – that of evil/sin.

Therefore, it’s imperative for the survival of our civilization that we never budge on moral issues, never allow exceptions, and never attempt to compromise in order to conform to the current (((state of affairs))).

By caving, and this was already underway before any of us were born, the way then became open to corruption, decadence, Papal praise of man-on-man anal sex, and yes, the schemes of the Jew.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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