OD to be Featured on the Political Cesspool Tonight Sat 5-19-18

OD will be featured tonight on The Political Cesspool – I Jack Ryan will be the last guest coming on ~ 8:45 PM. I’ll be discussing the sad, unpleasant FACT that our United States military is not being used to defend our borders or fight our enemies that are invading our country, terrorizing our people, disrespecting or raping our women/girls/boys; instead we’re basically slave warriors for the Israelis AND Saudi Sunni Islamists royals.

Talk about politics making for strange bedfellows!

Israel/international Zionists/Neo Conservatives or just THE JEWS are now allied on all things that matter with Saudi Arabia Sunni Islamists.

Both openly referred to the American military as their “White Slave warriors”.

This bizarre alliance is best represented by the sham marriage of Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff Saudi Huma Mahmood Abedin and Anthony Weiner – once designated the Jewish heir apparent to become New York City mayor, he was taken down in sexting scandal exposed as yet another Jewiwsh Harvey Weinstein style pervert.

I will be presenting some Central European history when/where European Christian areas were overrun by Ottoman Turkish Muslims and our people were….


Yes we were once slaves – Jannisary Warrior slaves for the Muslim Sultans.

History repeats itself, we’re once again…..


You can access The Political Cesspool Show live tonight, or download audio files later at:


Source: Occidental Dissent

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