Are Y’all Ready For Some Hardcore British Bestiality?

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally wishing that I had reserved a spot somewhere in the capital of Cuck Island to witness the joy of joys set to unfold tomorrow.

Because let’s just be real – you don’t exactly get to see ancient White bloodlines get defiled in pomp and ceremony all that often.


Royal fans committed to getting a good spot for the wedding on Saturday spent last night sleeping rough in Windsor after a tent ban meant they had to brave the elements.

Attendees were warned not to bring a tent, which did not stop some from setting up camp beds and tents on Wednesday night.

Many had nothing but a sleeping bag, roll mat or camping chair – but luckily for the well-wishers, it is not scheduled to rain before the event.

Some said it was a shame they are not allowed to bring tents due to security reasons.

“We nearly froze to death last night,” said Bernadette Christie, a pensioner who arrived from Canada in plenty of time to get a spot outside the castle gates in order to watch Saturday’s spectacle.

“I was told by an officer I could not put my tent up. He didn’t explain why, but I guess it’s because it might get in the way. Perhaps they don’t want us to look like homeless people after all the fuss that was made about getting them off the streets.

“I can’t see why we couldn’t be allowed and then just take them down first thing in the morning. What would be the harm in that?”

Dianne Donohue, 69, who came down from Leek, Staffordshire, with her daughter Emma, 41, said:

“We had to sleep under the stars and it was freezing. We weren’t too happy about it.”

Don’t feel bad, Dianne, because there are millions who aren’t too happy about this wedding as a whole – not just the freezing cold nonsense.

Cuck Island may have been subject to propaganda more vicious than across the Pond, and a large bulk of the population may be currently deracinated to some degree, but you can’t just override genetic instinct all that easily (remember that, Jews).

And looking at this, you can easily tell that a huge number of people just sense that something is just not right – our imagination of royalty is typically Northern European in appearance, and you can’t honestly even push the Southron European look with this Cheddar Man resurrection.

Makes you wonder if the brave and valiant defenders of the multicultural British state would actually fight 100% if a Muhammad or six decided to go full Allah Akbar on the Ginger Fetishist.

Daily Mail:

Snipers are on rooftops today with soldiers and armed police patrolling the streets below as a £30million ring of steel today surrounds Windsor Castle ahead of the royal wedding.

Police, the Army and undercover members of the security services are ready ‘do whatever is necessary’ to prevent any attack on Harry and Meghan’s big day, including shooting to kill.

The 2.6-mile route the couple will travel from St George’s Chapel to Windsor Castle is lined with sharpshooters on top of buildings and other vantage points. Specialist teams are also patrolling the Thames.

Police and soldiers carrying automatic weapons will also line the streets ready to fire if necessary and are already patrolling the roads, which have crash barriers used to stop vehicle-based terror attacks.

Maybe they’re just hoping to keep these two around long enough to witness the inevitable release of the le 56% sex tape that surely must exist somewhere – I’m just going to assume Meghan was quite busy with Jewish film/show producers during her failed acting career.

Or maybe they truly think that annihilating their royal gene pool is a powerful and mystical thing, and not something that should have been punished medieval Tower of London-style.

Source: Occidental Dissent

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