Syria: Surrendering Terrorists Give Up Huge Cache Of Israeli Weapons

Every meme about Israel and Moslem terrorists (including ISIS, of course) has been proven true.

Whether you’re talking about ISIS apologizing for accidentally attacking the Jews, whether you’re talking about the ISIS oil shipments to Israel, or whether you’re talking about Israeli weapons and advisers reaching terrorist groups in Syria, it’s all confirmed.


Israeli-made landmines were found in a large trove of medium and heavy weapons handed over by rebels in southern Damascus, Syria’s state media reported. Damascus has repeatedly accused Tel Aviv of aiding militants.

As the Syrian army is driving out the last remaining terrorists from the southern outskirts of Damascus, those who refuse to completely lay down their arms and surrender are being evacuated to rebel-controlled parts of northern Syria, mainly Idlib. As part of the deal with the Syrian authorities, militants are leaving behind medium and heavy weapons.

You know, I’m typically a guy who praises honor and fairness, but in this instance, secretly poisoning the rations of these terrorists would be perfectly acceptable.

Ahead of the evacuation in the towns of Yelda, Babila and Beit Sahem, militants relinquished hundreds of weapons and munitions, including mortar launchers, machine guns, rocket and mortar shells, gunpowder, precursors for home-made explosives, as well as Israeli-made landmines, SANA, which posted a video of the armaments, reported.

This is far from the first report of Israeli-made weapons being stockpiled by militants. In February, it was reported that the Syrian army stumbled onto warehouses that were stacked with weapons, some of which were Israeli-made, as they were inspecting the Al Boukamal and Al Mayadin areas in Deir ez-Zor, which was liberated by the Syrian forces from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the fall of last year.

Since the onset of hostilities in Syria, the Syrian military has repeatedly seized armaments and munitions with inscriptions in Hebrew. In April 2016, Syrian forces pulled over a vehicle packed with Israeli-made mines, mortars, rockets and hand grenades that were bound for an area controlled by ISIS in eastern Syria.

Israel says it provides humanitarian assistance to Syrian anti-government forces, but it remains largely silent on the apparent weapon supplies. Meanwhile, Haaretz reported in February that at least seven Sunni rebel groups in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights are being provided weapons and ammunition from Israel. Moreover, the amount of direct military assistance they receive is said to have been on the rise in the recent months.

My only question is why are nations like Iran and Russia sitting back and letting this continue despite overwhelming evidence showing that the Israeli nation deserves nothing less than radioactive glass status?

Is it because they’re building their forces up and counting on time as their greatest ally?

Is is because public opinion against Israel must decline to a certain level before military action is unleashed?

Is it because everyone fears the inevitable conflict with Trump’s America?

Or is it a combination of the three?

Source: Occidental Dissent

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